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The horse, thanks to its unique features, means something to the rider, when riding it becomes an essential part of a pleasant activity that can turn into a passion.

Contact with horses reinforces the physical as well as the psychological bonds between the animal and the person, especially with people who suffer from physical, psychological, sensorial, emotional o social disorders.

At a physical level, riding a horse improves muscular confiscation and psychomotor development, balance control, improved posture and movement coordination, and finally, it helps you become aware of one’s own body.

At a psychological level, from the different activities carried out with horses it helps with communication, self esteem, self confidence and self control. It increases responsibility and awareness of one’s own capacities. We learn to respect and reinforce relaxation.

At a social level, you can discover new ways of communication (with the animal and through it) and stimulates the capacity to relate to other people.


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    Horse Riding Excursions:

    • 1 hour: 20€
    • 2 hours: 35€
    • ½ day + lunch: 50€
    • Whole day (lunch included): 60€
    • Night excursion + supper: 60€
    • Full Moon excursion: 50€
    • Carriage ride: (check price)


    • Weekend 110€ (high season: July and August) per person
    • Weekend 100€ (low season: rest of the year) per person

    Limited number of people, previous booking.

    Individual or Group Classes:

    • Registration: 20€
    • Monthly Fee: 50€


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    • Spanish


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