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Llessui Snow Cat was born with the wish to bring back to life the old ski resort in Llessui, closed since 1987, because it is a privileged mountain to carry out all kinds of snow activities.

The objective is clear: give an answer to all these people who go after a virgin mountain, where to be able to do a different kind of ski, exclusive, not crowded with people and with more freedom. The enterprise gets started with the hope that the important memory and prestige, still in living memory, of the old ski resort of Llessui will be a lure for all those who could once ski here and for those who had no luck and couldn’t.


Llessui Snow Cat offers the possibility of reaching the highest levels of the mountain in Llessui with the Pisten Bus, from where our customers will be able to enjoy some downhill skiing all day long on the different slopes.

Activity Description:

  • Once in the village of Llessui the running of the activity.
  • The necessary equipment will be provided to be in touch at all times: Arva (avalanche research transceiver), probe, spade and radio.
  • A contract will be filled with the customer’s personal details and signed, where the duties and responsibilities are explained and must be accepted to do the activity.  
  • The customers and all the equipment will be taken in 4-wheel drive vehicles and will be taken to the spot in the mountain where the Pisten Bus is.  
  • The people and the equipment will be put in the  Pisten Bus and the drive up will start on the high part of the mountain, from where the first downhill ski will be carried out.  
  • The customes will be pointed out the area where they can ski freely and a specific meeting point will be decided where the Pisten Bus will collect them again to start the second go, and so on.

Requirements: proper skiing materials (skis, clothing, goggles, etc) and a proficient ski level.


There is also the possibility of going on excursions with the Pisten Bus for those who want to enjoy snow without skiing, stopping along the way to be delighted with the amazing views of the mountain in winter.


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    C/ Unic, s/n Casa Marta
    CP. 25567
    Llessui (Pallars Sobirà)

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