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    • Rock Dur

      Sort (Pallars Sobirà)

      Crta. a La Pobla de Segur s/n

      Come and enjoy the best parties in El Pallars, open on Fridays and Saturdays from 00h until 6 in the morning. We are waiting for you! We offer: Stag parties Ballroom on Sundays Non alcohol parties Parties for groups from...

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    • Cherokee Bar

      Sort (Pallars Sobirà)

      Avda. Comptes del Pallars, 3

      Cherokee opens every day of the year from 20:00 h to 3:30 h. You will fins good music, good atmosphere and good vibes. We arrange all kinds of events.  

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    • Bar Xarel·lo

      Rialp (Pallars Sobirà)

      Avda. Flora Cadena, 5

      Bar cafeteria turned into a pub in 2003. Found on the C-13 road, 3km from Sort and 100m from Condes del Pallars Hotel. Friendly service and local atmosphere. Don’t forget to visit us. We are open from...

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    • Bar Musical Tírvia

      Tírvia (Pallars Sobirà)

      Crta. Tírvia s/n

      Open all year on Fridays, Saturdays and evenings before holidays.  July and August open every day. Between the end of August and the start of September we have the end of the summer party. Opening hours: from 23h There...

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    • From Hell To Heaven

      Tremp (Pallars Jussà)

      Avda. Dr. Pearson 24

      Inspired in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, we suggest an experience and a journey from hell to the real world, going through the purgatory of the senses; we offer you heaven so you can make it...

    • Slalom
    • Slalom

      Espot (Pallars Sobirà)

      C/ Pla de Barrader

      Opening hours from 22:00 h to 2:00 h. Sofa area.  

    • La Coveta
    • La Coveta

      Espot (Pallars Sobirà)

      C/ de Picardes, 1

      Opening hours from 23:00 h to 3:00 h. In winter, from Thursday to Saturday; in summer, open everyday.    


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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 entries available.